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Colors Writing Playshops with Elissa Dickson:

Colors saturate our world, sensuous, symbolic, captivating. In this 8-part series, we’ll splash into the vibrant world of color and explore our experiences with different colors and what they mean to us. Voltaire said, “writing is the painting of the voice”. Come paint with words with others in an inclusive, nurturing (online) environment and write creatively! All backgrounds and levels are welcome. 

Wed. Oct. 20th 10am-12pm

Red can represent love and passion, but also danger. In India, brides wear red dresses because red represents purity. Taste the tang of fresh cherries on your tongue! Foxes, rubies, flames, cardinals, wine! Join us for a voyage into the vermillion!

Wed. Nov. 17th 10am-12pm

Orange can represent autumn, the bountiful harvest, but also warning. Buddhist monks wear orange to symbolize the sacred. Feel rough sandstone beneath your hand! Pumpkins, goldfish, carrots, monarch butterflies, apricots, amber. Join us for a trip into the tangerine!

Wed. Dec. 15th 10am-12pm

Yellow can represent warmth, optimism, and cheerfulness. But in Germany, yellow symbolizes jealousy. Savor sweet honey on your lips! Daffodils, lemons, lions, ducklings, sunshine bananas. Join us for a gallivant in the golden!

Wed. Jan. 19th 10am-12pm

Green can represent the environment, health, and growth. But in Indonesia green is a forbidden color associated with infidelity. Sniff the scent of desert sage! Tree frogs, olives, shamrocks, emeralds, iguanas, evergreens! Join us for an expedition in the emerald!

Wed. Feb. 16th 10am-12pm

Blue is associated with security, trust, and masculinity. But in China blue is a feminine color. Gaze upon a dazzlingly blue sky! Bluejays, blueberries, bluebells, peacocks, oceans, robins’ eggs, Neptune. Join us for a saunter in the sapphire!

Wed. March 16th 10am-12pm

Purple can represent royalty, power, and wealth. In Thailand, purple is the color for widows. Relish the scent of lavender! Eggplants, violets, hummingbirds, figs, columbines. Join us for an amble in the amethyst!

Wed. April 20th 10am-12pm

White can represent innocence and cleanliness. In East Asian, white is worn at funerals to symbolize rebirth. And white light is a combination of all the colors of the rainbow. Feel snowflakes on your eyelashes! Doves, sheep, marshmallows, clouds, pearls! Join us for an adventure in the alabaster!

Wed. May 25th 10am-12pm

Black can represent elegance and sophistication. But it can also symbolize mystery, darkness, and evil. A black object absorbs all colors and reflects none. Marvel at the velvety night sky! Cats, whales, coal, licorice, ravens, ebony, coffee. Join us for an odyssey into the obsidian!

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Age Group(s): Adult

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