Rituals of Resistance with Tabassum

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Wilkinson Public Library
Program Room

Event Details

In this month’s session of Rituals of Resistance, we’ll be centering our healing practice around cultivating confidence and bringing balance to our solar plexus chakra, the epicenter of our transformational personal strength, our energetic source of confidence, wisdom, personal power, creative expression and self-awareness. Through our trauma conscious yoga flow, mindful tea ceremony with our plant friends Ginger and Turmeric, guided visualization, creative journaling, and conversation; we'll learn how to work through our emotional heaviness to make space for lightness 
  • Please bring anything you need to feel safe and comfortable (think: ultimate comfort and coziness). 
  • Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. 
  • Leave a 1-hour window between your last meal and the start of the workshop.
  • Provided for your session: yoga mats, blankets, and cushions; organic Lemon balm tea, and writing and drawing materials.  

Rituals of Resistance is a holistic healing series designed by Tabassum Siddiqui to help all peoples attend to their own healing as well as the community’s healing to help us move towards collective liberation. She has been invited to guide communities through her workshops across the United States and in Spain. 

 Having a daily practice of healing, nourishing, strengthening + uplifting rituals will protect us from the detrimental effects of the forces and systems in our world that want to oppress and divide us, and prevent us from becoming our most vibrant selves. 

She incorporates her ancestral Africana Sufi and Indigenous healing wisdom and practices into her work and comes from a long line of scholars, Medicine people, farmers and botanists, freedom fighters, and mystics. The WOMBspaces she co-designs with her communities are liberatory, safe, nourishing, and supportive. Her holistic approach explores what is deep within us that wants to emerge and come forth. Her healing work strives to help empower and align communities with their True Selves and Divine and restore calm and balance within through different energetic hygiene practices that include plant wisdom through herbal support. She helps you go from feeling “soul tired” to feeling vibrant and free. She invites you to come as you are to prioritize your right to rest, healing, and joy.

Event Type(s): WPL Programs
Age Group(s): Adult