No Fall Zone: Journalist Annette McGivney and an Assault Survivor on the Charlie Barrett Case, How Outdoor Communities Can Do Better, & How Nature Can Help Heal Trauma

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Wilkinson Public Library
Program Room

Event Details

On January 31st, 2024, Outside magazine broke an article by Annette McGivney that shook the climbing world- and outdoor communities everywhere- to their cores. Titled How Did This Climber Get Away with So Much for So Long?, the longform piece investigated the consequences of one perpetrator's actions. Across nearly one and a half decades, legal systems and the climbing community failed to support a series of women as climber Charlie Barrett assaulted, stalked, and harassed them. 

Many readers were left wondering: how can we work to make sure this doesn't happen again? How can we know that we aren't inadvertently protecting someone dangerous within our own circles? For those who have experienced abuse themselves, the story felt eerily familiar: the invalidation, the lack of resources, the isolation...

We can do better. This event is focused on how we can practically work towards keeping our community safe, supporting victims when they are on the receiving end of criminal behavior, and creating accountability when it's needed. Journalist Annette McGivney will be here to speak about her experiences as a survivor of domestic violence, how she was drawn to tell the Charlie Barrett story, and how she has seen justice systems and communities often fail the people they should be most carefully supporting. Also present will be a woman who personally experienced Barrett's crimes and has gone on to advocate for how victims need to be specifically supported after assault. This survivor is appearing publicly for the first time to talk about how her experience has shaped her relationship with climbing and to address outdoor communities' role in a better future for the safety of all. 

Both the survivor and Annette will talk about how nature has become a powerful place of healing and wellness for them. 

This event is brought to you in partnership with the Telluride Mountain Club and the San Miguel Resource Center.

Event Type(s): WPL Programs
Age Group(s): Adult